Wednesday, February 24 at MVRC

Racing was cancelled for the third consecutive day. Unlike the nasty cold and windchill conditions that shutdown operations Monday and Tuesday, today’s quick thaw made it impossiblSLOPPYe to provide a safe racing surface.

Race 2 – Old friend HORNITO returns, but I think that his time has come and gone for now. BROKER BRETT could surprise stretching out if we have a frozen track. COUNT JULIAN has been crisp at this distance. IT’S HUGE was in over his head on 09Feb. It’s looking like a 1,5,6 exacta box to kick-off the afternoon.

Race 3 – Jeff Skerrett might be able to kick SAINTLY DEED free of these. Win (#4)

Race 5 – They should all stagger home at this Derby distance, throwing the race wide open. Solid connections and top class put QUIET AND FOXY in the mix. SOLAR MAXIMUS is usually a hard knocker with a win here at 1 1/8 miles. FRUED’S VALE is always grinding at the end. BRITE SABBETH seems to relish longer distances. Check out the richest three horse exacta box, probably 2,4,5 but that requires tossing (#7) QUIET AND FOXY – how big are my testicles today? Want to flirt with a the pick4 (2,4,5,7/2,7/2,7/8=$8)

Race 6 – Only MARCHING ORDERS and SKIP FOR GIN have been competitive recently. Box ’em (2/7)

Race 7 – FLAT OUT NICE looks prepped for her return to racing and is well spotted. Possible win (#2) ticket. SILVER ANTIQUE (Gorham) is difficult to ignore. I’m up in the air here.

Race 8 – WRITERS BLOCK takes a major class tumble after throwing in a clunker 13Feb. Radosevich puts blinkers on Loooch ship in, BIGMONEYSUNNY, in an attempt to wire these. LORD DONERAILE’s raw times are fast enough to consider him a longshot possibility. EX MARQ, in from the Fairgrounds presents enough questions marks to pass today. 2,4,8 exacta box, if I’m feeling lucky.

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