Tuesday, April 7 at MVRC

Race 1 – Although yesterday’s bias favored front runners in routes there might be a real contest for the lead here giving  Jockey Jane and #3 MADAM GRACE an opportunity late. Pace is tough to predict in a five horse field – third

UPDATE: Race 4 – The early scratch of FINAL ANSWER should give #6 DO THE MATH control on the front end saving some energy for the expected attack by solid 10yo #4 RUN WITH ME sent out by Larry Reed who does well with older horse and enjoys the sprint/sprint/route angle – winner on the inside of tight photo $3.40 

Race 5 – Edward Clouston seems to have found a condition that fits #1 VALID DISTINCTION like a glove – fifth

Race 8 – #2 COLDSTREAM was outrun in his first trip against winners 7March. Jeff Radosevich returns him to sprinting off that mile and seventy workout against possibly lighter company – second, led every step but the last 


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