Wednesday, April 8 at MVRC

Jerry Balo brought his well prepped Ohio-bred first timer ROLLIN AWAY BABY north to debut impressively in race 2 

Race 3 – #4 MURDOCK showed enough spirit in his last trip to ignite hope that his two-year drought ends today. Hopefully the troubled son of City Zip returns healthy and happy – second

Race 4 – #5 LADY PANTHER has an opportunity to spring to life late here at a price. There should  be a contested pace in front of her – third

Race 5 – #3 READ IT AND WEEP could be “loose on the lead” today. Although 11-1-1-3 she has probably been running behind better elsewhere and it is always tough to pass on Read the Footnotes’ offspring regardless the venue – second

Race 6 – If  #2 SEATTLE PROSPECT has been holding his own against open claimers. Dropping into n2y could be the winning ticket. However Jeff Radosevich makes the same move with #6 BIG FLIRT dropping him ON THE DAY that he is eligible for this condition. Tossing in Radosevich’s “other horse” adds appeal to a possible 2-5-6 exacta box. Chew on this in the paddock – SEATTLE PROSPECT second, Team Radosevich off the board . . . 


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