Friday at Thistledown

Ramblings are not always wagers.

Race 1 – #6 SEATTLE SAL gets a chance to wake up second off a layoff but shows no real edge over this weak field – fourth

Race 2 – #5 NEVER ON TIME might get the lead he needs to win while returning to a favorable condition – fifth

Race 3 – Adding lasix #6 SHEEZALISA might run these off their feet despite her lack of experience – fourth

Race 4 – I’ll give #9 SHAKE YA ROPE another chance to be me. #5 ZULA DAN has a chance to wire these at today’s distance – winner $7.40

Race 5 – The anticipated contested lead would leave Joe Sharp shipper #4 MOONSHINE PROMISE an excellent chance to stretch out for the win – winner $4.00

Race 6 – #4 SPECIAL JO can be excused for being outrun by tough STONE HARBOUR in his only local appearance – second

Race 7 – #6 QUEENS ESCORT has been dominant since moving to two turns. He’ll try to control the pace to avoid the late charge from #9 WANDERING KITTEN whom will probably like the added forty yards – speed and fade to back of pack (last); WANDERING KITTEN ($6.60) up at the wire from way back even in the slop

Race 8 – The wide post position is a disadvantage but #10 SPARK OF THE YEAR may be quick enough to clear this sluggish group off the bench against Ohio-breds – cleared and caught fourth

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