Monday at Thistledown

Race 1 – Jeff Skerrett’s second trip on #9 WORTH A BUCK could spell the difference – sixth 

Race 2 – The abundance of early runners here gives #2 (PP1) HIGH HOPES E DAY a shot to repeat – second

Race 3 – The Loooch entry is going to be tough to beat; #1 SKY CREW (PP5) gets a favorable jockey change and #1A ROWLANDS BIG SMILE has flashed some talent in each of her two starts – second and third

Race 4 – Classy #3 SUNSHINE’S SON BOB may be best sprinting but needs a couple early runners to hook up to shape his race – winner $4.20

Race 5 – Speedy #6 JANGO returns to his winning level after dancing with the stars – winner $4.20

Race 6 – #4 CHANG has a chance to wire another bunch – fifth

Race 7 – Morning line favorite #5 SAMSONIAN may be the “speed of the speed” and does her best running fresh – winner $3.00

Race 8 – #1 BASKETBALL BELLA (POE-PP6) plunges in class looking to snap her losing streak – second

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