Saturday 11/21/15

Mahoning Valley Race Course

Race 1 – #3 MUCHO ROMEO has been working regularly since her second place finish in September; her dam is one of only two  in here that has produced a two-year-old winner (result: 1-4-3-7)

Race 2 – #6 AARON AGAIN, #7 DAVID’S BREW and #8 HUTCHY scramble for the win here; no solid preference since the winner is the one that can be rated today – all want to go early but the rest of the field doesn’t seem competitive enough to produce a closer here (result: 7-6-2-1)

Race 3 – #3 GLORIOUS SUNSET might get the same set up the she had in previous meeting of this bunch; trust her to get home today; don’t ignore her first time starter (Gorham) teammate  – that barn fires from all angles (result: 6-3-5-4)

Race 4 – #12 TRUEBILL is reunited with his winning jock where they beat similar in April; #11 RANCHO VIEJO returns after a solid effort here – roll the dice on those two two with flashy #3 YOUNG FORESTER (Sullivan) – three horses for this course? (result: 1-3-7-4)

Race 5 – #3 JUSTALITTLESMOKE has faced much tougher – should complete this half of a Gorham stakes sweep (result: 3-1-5-4)

Race 6 – #2 U ROCK ROBIN is now in Cowan’s hands dropping out of Ohio stakes company while returning to her winning distance (result: 2-3-4-9)

Race 7 – #11 ART I AWESOME takes a steep drop for Gorham/Mast; #3 SEVENTYSEVEN and #12 SAMBUCCA STEVE love this place (result: 5-3-12-11)

Race 8 – #8 HIGH MYSTERY (back class) and #11 WU DOO MAN earn second looks off recent local efforts; add #6 CAPE FINISTERRE rather than #2 RIVERDANCE ROCK until Ates starts producing with his decent stock (result: 9-8-6-2)

Race 9 – Excellent barns hang around for the finale: #8 BURNAWAY gave way in the finale quarter after crisp early fractions in his last – today’s turn back helps his cause; #10 COTEAU D’ORO second off a layoff would not surprise (result: 10-6-7-8)



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