Tuesday (12/22) @ MVR

Ramblings aren’t always wagers. Expect a sloppy track today.

Race 1 – Toss up on suspect surface: #2 BRIGHT HARBORLITES takes a slight drop while returning to routing (unusual jock switch); #4 BULLHEADED LADY was a solid miler at GP but SEEMED TO FOLD HER CARDS ON SEALED TRACKS; #9 DIXIE BREW sports a powerful sprint here for a top barn – zip, third, first 9*-3-4*-6; $2.80

Race 2 – #4 SECRET JACKPOT probably needed his last race and was optimistically spotted that day – third 2-6-4*-5; $12.40 – CATCH THE LUCK captures Old Man Winter Starter:

Race 3 – #5 LAVA ROCKS looks ready to “rock and roll” after getting her act together 30Nov; chief competition runs from the two inside stalls – winner 5*-1-8–3; $4.80

Race 4 – Three time “winner” #4 SUGAR RASHAD faces N3L competition again – second 8-4*-11-12; $19.20

Race 5 – Erratic #7 HELLUVA NOTION is the fastest but must stay on course  – winner 7*-3-6-4; $2.60

Race 6 – #11 TENSAS COLD FRONT may have outside leverage on possible speed duel – zip 12-5-9-3; $26.60

Race 7 – #8 ROCKET BALL went evenly and quickly off a five month break last time; underachiever #6 RIVERDANCE ROCK might pick up his head on this off track  – zip, zip 4-9-12-7; $5.80

Race 8 – #3 REGARDING OPAL sports a nice record on off tracks and today’s might be friendly to front runners; #5 CHARIOT CHAR comes off a near miss at this distance which gives her winless barn reason to hope – zip, first 5*-7-10-11; $7.00

Race 9 – Recent maiden breaker #10 MY LIL AUTO was very impressive in her Austintown debut; Josh Faulkner’s WO import #5 EILDON HALL (45-1-2-2) adds intrique – zip, second 12-5*-2-7; $12.40

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