Wednesday (12/30) @MVR

Ramblings aren’t always wagers.
Race 1
#2 RAY’S LEGACY gets first run on today’s rail; if it’s still live he’s gone
– 8-2*-3-4 $8.60
Race 2
#3 PLEASANT RUN may get the best trip in well matched group
#7 CROWD FAVORITE is a threat to wire (a very rare accomplishment here around two turns) if unchallenged early
– 7*-1-3*-2 $6.20
Race 3
#6 DUTY CALLS  may sit the perfect trip
#5 GLICKMAN has toyed with MVR opponents; bumps up today
#1  ARBITOR struggles to sustain his speed; of interest on the suspicious rail
– 2-3-6*-4 $14.60
Race 4
#1A (PP8) GALLOPING DOMINO has been reborn in the Sullivan barn
#8 DYNAFOX has been running with winners
#3 FIRE DANCE knows how to get over this strip
– 1*-8*-3*-9 $4.00
Race 5
#7 PEARL OF WISDOM is a consistent router; Madrigal is picking his spots carefully
#5 THWART slips out of allowance company
#2 SIMPLY SMART is too royally bred to overlook
– 1-7*-3-2* $8.80
Race 6
#9 HOWLING WOLF takes off the shades after two solid introductions to racing
– 11-1-8-10 $15.40
Race 7
#10 (PP11) SHE’S SLAMMED has outside leverage
#7 FLASH A SMILE rolls in 5/7 for 2015 still looking fresh
#9 ROOM FOR APTITUDE could arrive on the scene late if speed fades
– scratch #9; 1-7*-10*-5 $8.40
Race 8
#4 THE FASHION BUG shipper; looks like a trier; Glenroy Brown’s team has been competitive
– 8-7-2-10 $17.20
Cards are recapped at

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