MVR 2-22-16

Ramblings aren’t always wagers.

Race 1 – I’m tempted to hang my hat on #8 BLACK FRIDAY RUSH who was well placed before tiring at the top of the stretch last time at today’s distance. The 3yo morning live favorite #5 DYVED needed that last race and lost to a colt that was prepped and ready BUT seemed a bit green after his sluggish start. (second)
>>>>>#5 DYVED – Bris 3 STAR BEST BET (winner $4.20)

Race 2 – Races don’t get much more competitive at MVR than this one. Tossing in the Ohio-bred factor cranks the predictability level up a couple notches. #4 TIMEFADESTHEPAGES and #2 DENIRO’S SAINT may be matching strides late after Shane Meyers’ “other” horse forces the pace. #4 TIMEFADESTHEPAGES gets the lean off his recent strong finishes. (third)

Race 3 – #7 (PP8) LINDA’S LUCK beat older Ohio-breds in January and led most of these 08FEB. Today he returns to his winning distance. (winner $5.20)

 Race 4 – Another really well matched set that has seldom crossed paths with each other. #2 (PP1) ENGINE may have faced slightly tougher locally. Actually separating 2-3-5-7 and 8 is too tough for me. (second)
>>>>>Glenroy Brown #3 ONCE MORE FOR LOVE – 3rd off layoff 21% (last)
>>>>>Jeff Greenhill #5 SILVER TUNGUED – AW to Dirt 36% (third)
>>>>>#8 SOLAR MAXIMUS – horse for course (winner $7.40)

Race 5 – Joe Poole sent out another repeat winner on Saturday. #7 (PP8) OUR SECRET PLACE is today’s candidate; this is her winning distance. (last)

Race 6 – My gut says “no” but the recent figs/class say #3 EVENING CONCERTO twice beaten favorite who has earned enough oats to be retired after this 95th trip. (winner $6.60)

Race 7 – #3 DESTREHAN seems to be re-inventing his career since switching to routing for his new barn. Gets the “beat the least” angle. (seventh)

Race 8 – #5 BEAR LINFINI chased a wire to wire winner at this level on 08Feb across a surface that allowed five such winners. (third)
>>>>>Sharon Ruberto #4 TALENT MAN – tough bet against (eighth)
>>>>>#8 SHAMROCK ROAD – two sharp local works (winner $9.20)

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