An eye on Ohio 4/4

Mahoning Valley

Early speed is dominating beyond 5 1/2 furlongs.

Race 1 – LS: #5 FLASH A SMILE (pace fits; exits key race) BA:#4 MADELYN’S MISTIQUE (shippers from Delta are just 1/19 in their first races here; would Broberger let a gem escape his barn?) NOTE: Kopp/Bermudez is a hot combo (#8 ECLUATH) – DNF, seventh, fourth

Race 5 – #5 WAYWARD SAILOR (well spotted) #6 RAGTIME (Prx invader; well prepped; mystery owner) – second, winner $7.00

Race 6 – #6 OUR SECRET PLACE (on a roll; excuse 2/22) – seventh

Race 7 – #6 GANGSTER MASON (hard knocker; new jock; pace fits) #11 ZETH (rushes RIGHT back off tightener) -eighth, tenth

Race 8 – #8 PURPLE PANDA (stumbled start last) #4 ROUTE (much the best or desperate OP/TP shipper?) NOTE: Bart Baird is 2/5 with shippers (#7 HE’S A MIRACLE) – fifth, sixth, winner $10.00

Notebook: Race 1 – FLASH A SMILE pulled up after a half. By mid-card the rail was reported frozen, but the inside bias was dispelled when HE’S A MIRACLE closed willingly in the middle of the track in the finale.

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