Thistledown 9/19

Ramblings rather than selections . . .

Race 1 – #5 SILVER BUCKEYE looks much the fastest. $3.60 winner 5-3-7-1

Race 2 – Perhaps “blinkers on” and returning to a sprint gets #3 MR. PUMPKIN a piece. 5-6-1-4

Race 3 – Recently de-nutted #3 DOWNTOWNBIGBROWN ships and drops from Monmouth to begin again in Ohio. 5-6-3-1

Race 4 – #1A YO BERBS may be the “speed of the speed” while entrymate #1 BOOGIE TOO comes off the bench still undefeated since leaving Philly. Scratch 1A; $3.20 winner 1-2-4-5

Race 5 – Leaning toward #7 WORTH A PUNT who was out foxed last time facing better. The time is probably right to drop this consistent veteran. Now nine he’s 42/76 in the money with a 21 wins. His recent aggressive finish after having to swing wide makes #1 GLOBAL SLOWDOWN tempting; he has burned a bunch of money this summer. 9-7-1-2

Race 6 – New claim #5 SANDCAT needs to maintain his edge; his back class may be coming to the surface. 1-8-5-2

$10 DIME A DAY PLAY: $2 W #5 and $1 PIC3 1,5/2/2,6 and 5,8/2/2,6 returns $0 = -$10

Race 7 – Late to the races #2 ROLLIN LIKE SHOBIZ snapped off a winning time competitive with these if she can duplicate that effort. 4-2-8-5

Race 8 – Freshened #2 LUCKY T LOU and class bouncing #6 ROSCOE’S INDY HOPE threaten to turn this into a match race early. 6-8-4-1

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