Mahoning Valley 10/31

Ramblings rather than selections . . .

Race 1 – #3 WEST EIGHTH STREET may be best at distance if fit. #1A LUNAR FOLLY (PP4) has the talent must gear up his finishing instincts. $7.00 winner 3*-1*-8-4

Race 2 – #5 REMEMBER ROSIE should profit from cut back in only second n2l try. Facing a bunch of veteran n2lers that are tough to trust. #8 AWSOME AUBREE has been solid at TDN. $3.80 winner 5*-8*-2-1

Race 3 – Stalker #4 SUNDAY PROHIBITION is an interesting proposition bringing some back class to town facing plenty of early speed; Walter takes the mount. #2 TOP OF THE WORLD is at the top of his game. 2*-3-1A-4* ($4.80)

Race 4 – #9 HE’S TAKEN drops in for a tag to get his act together; outside is where Ashley does her best riding. Radosevich’s pair #7 CLASSIC REWARD and #8 WILL OF THE KING both need to be feared. 1-8*-6-9* ($92.40)

Race 5 – $230k prospect #4 INTIMIDATED has tumbled to the minor leagues quickly but appears the best today after a near miss going longer. #5 GATE CRASH looks like a stayer; Indiana experience adds some class. $3.00 winner 4*-9-5*-2

Race 6 – The ability to rate gives #9 FREE FLYING a big shot facing several “needs the lead” types. Bigger price #3 MEDIA STAR could also come calling late; scored at MVR last season. 3*-4-1-9* ($26.80)

Race 7 – #2 ALIZA’S DREAM is a fresh hose looking to wire this bunch with some class relief. #7 CROFTER also looks prepped for his return to MVR while returning to his his winning condition. 3-2*-10-8 ($8.40)

Race 8 – #11 GOOD SONG appears to be a solid veteran well spotted for her local debut; Pilares and Poole hook up for the first time. Back class should make #12 PROBABLY tough to get by when theses outsiders tangle. $6.80 winner 11*-4-2-3

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