Mahoning Valley 11/30

Ramblings rather than selections

Race 1
Horse for this course and distance #2 (PP1) DO THE MATH may not feel the pressure that tired him last time today. #3 (PP2) ARAB SPRING tries to recreate his stretch drive theatrics. Fitness is the question surrounding #4 MARTY WHO; his early run or lack of is going to impact the outcome here. 1-7-2*-3* $9.80

#5 OH SO REWARDING has a head to head advantage on most of these. Tim Hamm’s barn is as hot as I ever remember. 6-1-5*-8 $17.80

Race 3
#6 BROOK’S BAY B may be the “speed of the speed.” If this thing falls apart #5 SAGE MASTER could profit. 8-4-6-7 $19.80

Race 4 (OH babies)
#2 MY MAN ARCHIE has two trips in the money here. These first time starter’s blood lines make several of them players . . . #1 SHADESLAYER, #3 CONNORRSKIE, #4 OL’ L B. 1*-4*-6-2* $12.40

Race 5
#4 SMOKEN’S CHARM exits Charlie Baker’s New York barn; may be taking advantage of this condition. #6 ABRA was sharp here last year; barn has solid figs bringing them back to the races. #1 HE”S ETAIN loves MVR. 9-1*-6*-4* $6.00

Rae 6 (OH more babiess)
#2 VISUAL MISSION is obvious among the previous runners. First time starter #1 BYERS BEWARE is the namesake of solid Ohio breeder; one hole is a lousy place to debut. 5-3-2-9 $12.60

Race 7
Glen Kopp’s imports from the east (#6 FU MANCHU) have been solid here. #4 FASHIONLY HANDSOME returns to preferred distance. (Scratch #6) 4*-7-8-1 $7.80

Race 8 – 9-7-8-6 $13.40

Race 9 – 1-11-8-9 $7.00

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