Thistledown 7/24

Ramblings . . . 

Race 1: Interesting group of vet mares that know how to win when their stars align but seldom tip-off those good efforts. BASKETBALL BELLA (#7) is both the oldest and most consistent in terms of speed figs. She could get a set up here. Nabu Morales (FIESTA ROSE #5) hasn’t won this year with a first time import. ISTRUE (3) has never won two in a row. 5*-4-7*-3* ($23.60)

Race 2: Jevon Crumley’s new additions to the stable are usually projects, but BANKING (#3) was competitive last fall against better at IND. Interesting that Walter De La Cruz’s first ride for Rebecca Baker comes on what appears to be a less than spectacular import from LAD, COUNTING TIME (7). It is reasonable to believe that HERECOMESCURIOSITY (5) will last the trip someday and that she will be looser than ever today. 5*-2*-1-7* ($5.00)

Race 3: OLYMPIC SMOKE (#7) has been competitive when facing fillies at IND. SPRING LIGHTNING (2) runs for a lighter purse today while advancing through her conditions. This heat may not be hot enough to BELLA YOLANDA (1) who has shown no quit lately. 6-2*-1*-4 ($32’20)

Race 4: SICCAR (#3) returns to female company today. 3*-4-6-2 ($6.00)

Race 5: TALK LESS (#5, pp6) is not facing IRAP today but Jeff Radosevich’s other runner, CAN’T GET ENOUGH (#3, pp2), seldom gives way easily. EKATI’S ICE returns to his favorite sandbox. 6-2B-3*-5* ($7.80)

Race 6: RATTLESDEN (5) missed last time with a perfect trip. DYVED (1) revealed a new dimension in that last time. 8-5*-3-6 ($12.40)

Race 7: Luis Colon and COQUETONA (#2) are not strangers. GINGER FIZZ (#4) has been full of surprises lately, she could forget to stop again today. 7-1-6-2* ($18.60)

Race 8: Blazing Meadows Farm is never out of consideration when Ohio maidens face off. However, see what Loooch Raciing has brought to town. SOUTHERN MISCHIEF (6) should be a very interesting look-see. 6*-4-5-8 ($2.40)

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