Thistledown 8/9

Race 1: Team Loooch sends a powerful and complimentary entry.They both do well when they show up for tags. #1, pp4 DUBACIOUS likes to get to work early while #1a, pp7 SLINGIN’ SAMMY is a presser. scratch 1; 3-2-1*-5 ($12.60)

Race 2: Everything that Alejandro Gomez has brought from Mountaineer has been well backed and finished in the money. #7, pp8 SHE’S JIGGY may continue the trend; dropping, stalker in a field full of early speed, outside post . . . 7*-6-5-3 ($2.40)

Race 3: #1 REANIMATE exits a very hot heat but like most of these hasn’t shown much recent punch near the wire. Put a gun to my head #6 SHOW SLIDING HOME would get the call; cutting back, possibly a developing 3yo. 3-1-5-4 ($23.00)

Race 4: #6 DANCER’S SONG toasted several of theses last time. 5-1-8-4 ($13.20)

Race #5: #10, pp12 BANKING takes my money again; gets free run today after interesting from the rail in last. 7-2-10*-1 ($6.80)

Race 6: #4 BIG TIRE gets some class relief. 4*-1-8-2 ($7.80)

Race 7: #7 GOOD TIMES RAMBLE is “speed of the speed” today. 7*-6-3-1 ($4.60)

Race 8: #9, pp11 SEEKING A TRAINER has been knocking at the door when facing Ohio fillies. 7*-6-3-1 ($4.60)

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