Thistledown 9/6

Race 1: #4 BOSSY E makes lots of sense on paper; struggling connections temper enthusiasm. Inconsistency or inexperience give them all hope to improve. 4*/5/7/3 ($7.40)

Race 2: Perhaps #8 MINECRAFTBULLY can shake the bridesmaid label today after her barn broke into the win column yesterday. Career maiden #3 DANCEWITHMEDARLIN is too fast (relative term) to be overlooked in this field. 8*/3*/6/2 ($4.00)

Race 3: #5 STRIKING LASS is the fastest of these but owes gamblers lots of money; another new barn; maybe switch to Walter De La Cruz is the answer. Class relief woke up #4 SKYLAR’S JIGGEN last time; returns at same level. #3 SINCERE DEVOTION follows the other two down the class ladder. 5*/2/8/6 ($5.60)

Race 4: Her Tampa efforts point to #3 IMPECCABLE LADY wanting today’s added distance; slight class relief. 1/3*/2/6 ($7.20)

Race 5: #1 RED ALE is on a roll; rateable speed; TD Houghton sticks in the saddle. #2 WANDERING KITTEN is always coming late; pace dependent. 2*/1*/4/3 ($5.20)

Race 6: #4, pp3 RADIANT BLING put on her best show last time; appears ready to finish a race. #5, pp4 MAMA’S HOPE handled herself well between horses in her debut; was still running late. 4*/1/5*/1a/3 ($5.00)

Race 7: #1 LUCKYALLMYLIFE has a class advantage but must catch the other sharpie at today’s distance #6 AD LUTEM; possible lone speed. 4/1*/6/5 ($6.20)

Race 8: Only #8 HUNTINGTONS GIFT has shown any recent “pop.” Expect the unexpected. 4/5/2/3 ($14.00)

I’d appreciate your thoughts . . . @shouttheodds

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