Thistledown 9/13


Race 1: Veteran #1 CORALINE goes over her track at her distance; reunited with Betty Ott and Juan Velez; hangs at competitive level. 1*/6/5/4 ($4.00)

Race 2: The fastest at this distance among the locals #3 DEPUTY WANDA tries for another new barn; Jason DeCosta is 42% with new claims. 1/5/2/3* ($11.40)

Race 3: Versatile #4 BLINGIN IT BACK seems to be warming up to his life’s purpose; has seen better competition. 2/6/3/7 ($29.00)

Race 4: #5 TRUE APPEAL sports a solid work tab for his return to racing; first time gelding. #4 ETHAN’S BOY is a proven competitor at this level. 1/6/3/4* ($11.60)

Race 5: #7 RAGS TO ROSES has been taking money in solid fields; quickest raw time at this distance. 3/2/1/7* ($3.20)

Race 6: Local money burners face similar shippers . . . #1a VALUE YOUR SONG lures Walter De La Cruz to low profile stable. Nobody instills confidence. 8/2/1a*/7 ($26.60)

Race 7: #1a, pp8 BOOGIE TOO looked very powerful behind a horse on a roll [edit – last time]; stablemate #1 BELLAMY JONES is no slouch. 1*/1a*/3/6/7 ($4.00)

Race 8: Plenty of pace here gives #8, pp7 WEST EIGHTH STREET a better than average chance to come calling late. 9/8*/4/3 ($8.00)

Let me know what you think. @shouttheodds

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