Thistledown 9/16

Race 1: #3 ELEVEN CENT FAINOR has been running with winners since landing in Cleveland; quick enough to notch this condition on first try. 2/1/6/3* ($4.20)

Race 2: #6, pp7 TIZ A RUSH gets a rare chance to break her maiden again; stretchout seems obvious off last trip. 6*/4/1a/3/ ($2.20)

Race 3: #6 FARLEY’S MANDATE needed a freshener; dominates this talented six-pack at today’s distance if fit. 1/5/2/4/ ($7.40)

Race 4: The pressing style of #4 WORD RACER fits well in this field; return to sprinting is a concern. 1a/2/4*/1/6 ($4.60)

Race 5: #7, pp8 R LAGUNA LUCKY went too fast too soon last time; returns rested and ready to sprint today. 2b/8/7*/1 ($91.00)

Race 6: If the “Princess of Ohio” #6, pp7 NIKKI MY DARLING doesn’t scratch take the twenty cents and smile. The best of the rest could be #7 ORBITAL FLAG off brief freshener; sharp workout; competitive here facing similar in August. 6*/4/7*/2 ($2.10)

Race 7 Catlaunch Stakes $75,000 ACCREDITED Ohio foals 1 and 1/16 miles:
Filly #3 LEONA’S REWARD has been solid in stake routes in Cleveland; tangles with boys for the first time. The other filly #5 TRUE CINDER has ripped through state wide competition; must prove she can stretch out over dirt. 3*/5*/7/2 ($6.20)

Race 8: The bulk of this field stumbles out of lousy last efforts. #9 SHOOTOUT exits an even effort for respected connections. Scratched at 3pm. 4/1/5/2 ($7.60)

Let me know what you think. @shouttheodds

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