Thistledown 9/20

Race 1: It will take a blistering pace to get exacta regular #6 WHAT’S UP J P into the winners circle but plenty of speed has signed on; must move early cutting back; second to DUBACIUOS last time. #2 RACHELSSIVERCHARM has been facing much better; his appearance here is sort of a mystery. 2/7/4/1 ($22.00)

Race 2: That maiden breaking effort makes #4 NALABANA tough to look past; won’t get loose today; first test against winners is usually difficult. #2 PARRY O PESSIMIST is fast enough to beat these if she wishes; dismal record is tough to support. 2*/5/3/1 ($7.40)

Race 3: #6 COUNTING TIME has been a maiden too long; no excuses today. 3/6*/4/2 ($10.80)

Race 4: #5 BETTER SHINE brings class advantage if fit; low percentage barn off layoff but TD Houghton is a good sign. 10/5*/7/1 ($10.60)

Race 5: It looks like Team Loooch is planning to send both. They will be tough. 1a*/5/1*/7/3 ($2.40)

Race 6: #9 SUN MAGIC draws the preferred post. 9*/3/5/6 ($5.80)

Race 7: There are so many moving parts here that #9 COURAGEOUS CHRIS feels like a possible repeater. #6 TALENT MAN is tempting back in familiar hands. 7/8/5/9* ($15.80)

Race 8: Jockey Jane can let #8 MOCHIMA run free today after a tense trip along the backstretch rail last time. Curiously Tina Casalinova gets to claim speedy #4 SHE’S A CITY GAL back and enter her at the same level going at her recent winning distance; Christian Pilares returns to the saddle. 4*/8*/11/7 ($9.00)

Let me know what you think.

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