Few positive vibes emerging from this six pack.

4/5/3/1 ($6.60)

Race 2:
7 GRANDVIEW De La Cruz inherits possible live mount from Rivera
4 CHESTER MON turned some heads at Belterra; Johnson solid w/ new stock
3 CITY STORM elephant in the room; Loooch 2/6 SA to TDN

7*/4*/5/2 ($39.00)

Race 3:
5 COCKTAIL PARTY regal purchase for this circuit; solid barn w/ firsters
7 DREAMY EYES with 2yos speed matters

1a/3/5*/1/2 ($7.40)

Race 4:
3 MANNFORD both Ohio trips solid
7 GRAD BASH dangerous returning to 6f 

3*/6/1/2 ($3.00)

Race 5:
3 PHENIX class advantage; race shape fits
1a BLUR GRASS MARY likes the extended mile

7/3*/1a*/6 ($5.00)

Race 6: Gritty field of tough to split milers
6 EKATI’S ICE chance from off the pace; new barn same pilot
4 SOUTH TO THE SEA probable “speed of speed”

1/5/4*/2 ($8.00)

Race 7:
7 VALUE VOUCHER well posted for late run
3 ROYAL’D first jump along the rail; first open company test

5/1/7*/8 ($5.40)

Race 8:
8 LOVE YOUR HUMOR shows signs of life at every port of call – Scratch
11 JULIOS CAT runs best here

3/7/10/5 ($9.00)

Let me know what you think.

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