5Multiple winner yesterday:
Trainer: K Puhl (2/2)

Wednesday’s ramblings
Race 1:
2 CORAGEOUS CHRIS early runner leaving from the rail
7 COULDNT WAIT has beaten better; reunited w/ Allen clan

2*/5/1a/1/3 ($4.00)

Race 2:
8 DIVINE APPOINTMENT returns to Ohio after frustrating summer in Erie
6 AIM FOR GLORY fastest local; silly alw flirt failed last time

8*/6*/1/2 ($2.40)

Race 3:
7 HARDLY A SECRET undefeated here
1 FRONTLINER solid horse flesh; faces a contest for the lead

7*/5/3/1* ($3.80)

Race 4:
1/1a Both have taken strides forward facing solid Ohio maidens
6 OFTEN ENOUGH chased stakes company w/ the Loooch pair last time

1a*/1*/6*/8/3 ($4.00)

Race 5:
5 RADIANT BLING a “Bling” with a future in Ohio

4/2/5*/9* ($12.00)

Race 6:
6 CANT STOP BLUSHING sharp local debut inside horses
7 RUTH’S LOTUS interesting reclamation project Scratch

5/2/6*/1 ($6.80)

Race 7:
12 LITTLE TRICKS quickest local; good post position
4 KING’S RECKONING another rebuild?? Puhl OP claim

12*/8/10/4* ($9.80)

Race 8:
12 DUTY CALLS prepped to relive past glories
7 THE FAZZ MAN barn scored with similar yesterday; De La Cruz jumps on this one also

11/12*/6/5 ($9.40)

Let me know what you think @shouttheodds

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