10Multiple winners Wednesday:
Jockey: L Colon (2/3)
Owner: Loooch Racing Stable (2/4)

Saturday’s ramblings
Race 1:
11 ONE CLASSY QUAY race shape and distance fit

5*/10/11*/9 ($13.60)

Race 2:
6 SONS OF MISSOURI barn finds a way
8 ON THE RIVER out of town class lingers

6*/2/4/8* ($8.60)

Race 3:
7 QUICK COWBOY stakes placed v Michiganders; Gorham shippers from HP 5-1-2-2-0
2 TRIPLE DELIGHT early win trainer

3/4/7*/1 ($3.80)

Race 4:
3 LUCKY BUCKY solid debut here
2 PRINCESS POWER early win trainer; fast works – Scratch

3*/1/7/6 ($4.20)

Race 5:
1 RAILWAY EXPRESS smooth debut here; hot Puhl barn PID to TDN 21-6-4-5
2 SCARLET WINE ready to pounce
5 IMPERIAL SLIPPERS tough connections to toss

11/1*/2*/3 ($14.40)

Race 6:
6 THAT’S EXCITING back class; explosive last; hot barn
10 DROP THE GAMBLER owes me money

1a/6*/10/8 ($6.40)

Race 7:
9 EKATI’S ICE connections 40% second off claim; horse for course/distance
8 CAN’T GET ENOUGH always shows up

8*/7/9/4 ($8.20)

Race 8: Emerald Necklace Stake $!50,000 2yo Ohio ACCREDITED fillies
5 PURE JUSTICE from family of fast runners; prepped longer
4 MANDI’S PRIDE dam throws 2yo & stakes winners; lures Perry Ouzts to town

5*/8/7/2 ($3.60)

Race 9: Littered with shippers
6 DATZ A VIOLATION well bred Team Loooch import returns home
9 WHO’S THE FAIREST best recent local speed
11 THE PIE LADY dropper in from Erie

9*/6*/11*/3 ($15.80)

Let me know what you think @shouttheodds

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