7Thanks Wednesday ramblings
Race 1: Nobody in here has shown much positive recent activity
6 WISH TONITE in the money last two; Ricky Feliciano jumps on
4 DON’T DARLYN ME arrives fresh; fit?

3/5/6*/4* ($16.80)

Race 2:
5 R R RED fast enough; tries blinkers off
8 SEINE RIVER early pop last time; broke maiden on dirt

5*/7/8*/3 ($7.40)

Race 3:
2 NOBLE DAVE grinding style might fit here
7 PAPA MOON can run with these despite record

2*/1/3/7* ($6.80)

Race 4: Interesting rematch of solid nickel claimers
5 BELLAMY JONES versatile enough to sit off hot pace
4 DUNKIN BEND “speed of the speed” if he’s feelin it

3/5*/2/6 ($13.20)

Race 5:
1 POLITICAL JUSTICE usually stomps on cheaper stock; Loooch import (POE)
6 W W CONCERTO candidate to rate behind mad dash with 1a WHERE’S WOODY

2/7/1a*/6* ($5.60)

Race 6:
6 SR. QUISQUEYANO plunging to grab some final day cash
2 SOUTH TO THE SEA well managed horse for course/distance
8 TOP OF THE WORLD is never a toss

8*/2*/3/5 DQ = 2*/8*/3/5 ($7.80)

Race 7:
7 KING OF BLING on a roll; good post; steps out of Ohio company?
1 I’M CARDINAL gets first jump; fresh

4/5/8/6 ($29.00)

Race 8:
3 GETAWAY CAR owes me $$; has been knocking at this condition; apt name
5 IT JUST TAKES TIME drops with intent; jock accepts rare ride for dad here

5*/4/2/3* ($4.20)


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