mvr10-13-4.jpgWinning shippers:
BTP 21-3-0-4
FE   4-1-0-0
PID  6-2-0-0
TDN 77-10-14-10

Tuesday’s ramblings
Early meet blind stabs

Race 1:
4 SICCAR appears much the best
7 MADER BYTHE MINUTES does her best work here; rushing right back

4*/7*/1/6 ($2.10)  

Race 2:
6 ELSIE COLE returns to winning surface
1 MARRIEDTOAMINISTER California dreamer full of potential

6*/1*/4/2 ($3.80)

Race 3:
4 DATZ A VIOLATION got act together late in Oio debut
6 STEPHANIE’S FAITH steep drop

6*/1/2/8 ($25.80)

Race 4:
1a COUNT DE LOOT Ohio stakes placed
3 WIDE OPEN outside post; aggressive rider

2/1/1a*/3/6 ($2.60)

Race 5:
8 LILLY’S CANDY lightly raced Candy Ride filly
6 MOONOVERTHENILE could kick loose early

1a/2/8*/3 ($8.40)

Race 6:
2 SURE PRIZE cashed checks here in 2016
5 KNOCK EM OUT ROY early runner; could get brave

8/5*/7/1 ($68.40)

Race 7:
7 JOE BAILEY second last time to yesterday’s winner BIG GAME BOB; barn 24% off claim
1 DANCING KING early speed/class from rail (Scratch)
1a VALUE VOUCHER excellent insurance behind duel if they both go

7*/1a*/8/9 ($15.60)

Race 8:
10 FIREUPTHEJET seems the fastest; barn wins 35% with new stock
4 MANNFORD thoughful ride gets him home from second flight

11/10*/4*/7 ($13.00)

Race 9:
4 MISTER PEPPERS lowers expectations to level of reality
2 MR. TEE SIR will go from rail; the one to catch

4*/8/11/1a ($3.20)

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